A breach is inevitable. How can Microsoft help me detect and respond fast?

An all too familiar scenario: A single click in a phishing email and hackers are into a network, resulting in a ransomware request and an uneasy feeling. Learn what tools Microsoft 365 E5 has in its arsenal to ensure this isn’t you.

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The Forrester Wave: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q3 2018

In this 36-criterion evaluation of software-based hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) providers,
Forrester identified the 11 most significant ones — researching, analyzing and scoring each. This report details analysts’ findings about how well each vendor scored and where they stand in relation to each other. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can use this evaluation to select the right partner for their needs.

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Closing the STEM Gap: 5 insights that can make a difference for girls and young women

Having more women in STEM fields benefits us all, so how do we get them there? It starts in our schools. This infographic illustrates five insights from a recent study that point us in the right direction for getting young girls interested in and developing STEM skills early on.

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Go Beyond Legacy Infrastructure with HPE Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is a hot topic in IT circles. How do you know if you need it? And which solution can deliver greater simplicity and lower TCO? This video provides insight and an overview of HPE SimpliVity.

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Customer story: Renault Sport Formula One

To help their team accelerate operations, the team at Renault Sport uses advanced IT solutions. Their operations are complex with a lot of moving parts. Being able to control and optimize every process means faster turnaround times and better results. That’s the advantage they need to win. The IT solutions they use aren’t reserved for racing. The team at TEK Virtuoso is here to help. We are IT pros who focus on helping firms to adopt the best tech. Contact us for more information.

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Customer story: Xiaoyi Technology

Xiaoyi Technology (YI), a global camera company, needed to find a way to improve productivity. That’s when they discovered that they could automate processes with Microsoft 365. By incorporating the different functions of Microsoft 365, Xiaoyi is able to automate leave applications, project management, and they effectively manage their assets better. You can do the same. Learn the benefits of switching to the cloud today with the help of TEK Virtuoso. Contact us to learn more.

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Maximizing grant funding for your STEM initiatives

For school districts whose few resources are already spread thin, grants are the perfect way to bring in new tools to benefit STEM learning. However, the range of grant sizes, providers, and requirements can be overwhelming to a school district just starting the process. This guide efficiently organizes what your district needs to know about grant applications, covering everything from overviews of sources and structure, common STEM grants, and valuable application tips.

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