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Sorry Internet Explorer

I’m sure you or someone you know has actually used Internet Explorer for the first time and immediately went to download another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. But what about the new Microsoft Edge? What are your opinions

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Work First; Play Later

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times especially when it comes to someone who’s serious about their career. Going out and having fun is always great but if you want to have that moment, you must first work for it

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen pledges $100 million toward cutting-edge biotech research –

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BMW announces Android app integration –

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Ford’s first vehicle w/ Apple’s CarPlay will be 2017 Escape in May

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If Apple is Ordered to Unlock iPhone for FBI, Some Engineers Might Refuse to Help

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Friends and business

We all have friends but we don’t all have a business! In many cases those who have a business either have a special talent that turned into a career or actually went to school to get the knowledge they needed.

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