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Beware of Intruders!

Don’t be a victim of scammers, hackers or any source of intruder. Recently there has been notice of calls (from Microsoft) being made to people stating their computer has been infected or hacked in which they will ask you to

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What is chkdsk and why does it appear?

Every now and then you might get a window and it seems to be scanning the drive for errors. The “check disk” utility is used in Windows to scan through your entire hard drive and find any problems. Depending on

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How Clean is Your PC?

How often do you run a check up on your computer? In most cases the answer would be never or maybe now and then when you get around to it. Hopefully that’s not how you treat your car that you

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Windows 10 Running Slow?

There are many reasons why your computer just took a dive for the worst after upgrading. One of those can be incompatible drivers on one of your devices, software or hardware inside your computer. It’s always best to make sure

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